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3 Ways to Complete the Photo Projects You Begin

3 Ways to Complete the Photo Projects You Begin

We’ve all had those creative or organizing projects that begin with wild enthusiasm and then gradually get set aside as our excitement for them wanes. Soon we find our projects months later under the bed or on a shelf in the closet.

Can you relate? I can 🙂 so I am offering 3 ways to begin your photo projects afresh when your momentum for them has faded away.

1. Simplify.

When we begin a new project such as putting a memory album together or organizing several years of photos, our interest is high. We feel inspired by carefully curated images in a magazine or a pin board we saw on Pinterest, featuring perfectly designed wedding memory albums or 20 years worth of family photos placed neatly into albums for children’s keepsakes.

When your photo project has screeched to a halt, find a way to break the project into smaller “mini” tasks. Consider completing two scrapbook page layouts each weekend for the next month, or organizing your stacks of photos one inch at a time. (Did you know there are approximately 100 photos in a stacked inch?) By organizing just an inch at a time, you will have your photo project back on track.

If it helps to note your project’s steps and successes in a planner or with an “accountability buddy”, then by all means, do so!

2. Prioritize.

Set aside a specific amount of time each day or each weekend to begin re-building some of that lost momentum. Even an hour or two scheduled regularly will keep your project humming right along.

To keep your zeal from disappearing, set a timeline for when you wish to complete your project. Then insert your simplified mini tasks (refer to #1) into your timeline. Have fun crossing them off as you accomplish each one! By making memory-keeping a priority, you are able to honor the best parts of your life in a meaningful way.

3. Hire a Pro.

Perhaps during this season of your life, you simply don’t have the desire or the time to complete your photo project yourself, but you just want it done (like yesterday!). Family priorities and professional obligations change, but the need to preserve and enjoy your memories remains.

Make it fun and easy to check off all of the photo projects from your “to do” list fast by calling in a pro. A memory keeping professional can take an unfinished photo project and complete it quickly by devoting the time and care your memories deserve.

As a professional memory album designer and member of the Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO), I would love to assist you with preserving your memories today. I am passionate about memory keeping! My inspiration is for you to enjoy your memories and mementos as personalized works of art, designed with creativity and care.  Feel free to email me today.

Karla Mae signing off

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