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Catch Up With Daily Memory Keeping/Project Life: 7 Ways To Get Back On Track!!

Anyone else ever fallen behind in your Project Life or Memory Planner? (My hand is going up because I am in that situation right now.) The following process is how I am getting caught up and back on track. If you’ve fallen behind, I hope you will find this post helpful.

Check out the video I filmed for you with more details about each step 🙂

1. Schedule a block of time to begin.

Find some time in your calendar to dedicate to getting back on track. Send the kids to Grandma’s for the afternoon. Choose a weekend when your boyfriend/husband takes a Boys Only fishing trip. Whether it’s just a bit of time or a chunk, it will help you get the ball rolling again. Sometimes the hardest part is just getting started.


2. Make a checklist.

List out each step of your process such as printing photos, designing your layout, journaling, decorating, etc. I creates a mini list for each week that I needed to complete. For my Happy Planner, I also include the monthly calendar and dashboard pages in my checklist. A checklist will help you feel more organized and give you a great sense of accomplishment as you start ticking things off.


3. Create a framework to help you feel less overwhelmed.

Blank pages that go on and on, week after week, make me feel totally overwhelmed and “behind,” so creating a framework helps me deal with that. Here’s what you do: Start populating pages on your memory planner or project life album with notes of activities your did on that date, photos you have on your phone that you can print, fragments of memories, etc. This way you can “see” your pages coming together and you’re not starting with a “blank slate” when you do sit down to work.


4. Find “clues” to what you missed and add them to your framework.

Check your calendar and planner to see what activities you participated in the missing weeks. If you still have To Do lists from previous weeks, look those over, too. Read through your journal to see what you were doing and thinking on different days. Check social media. What did you post? Instagram, Facebook, Twitter – wherever you post – scroll back through your feed to jog your memory. You can also save and print those pics to populate your pages. Check your phone for pictures you took and texts you sent, to help you remember the weeks you’re needing to fill in. If you email family and friends, look back on those to jog your memory as well.


5. Find a space where you can spread out while you put your pages together.

I like to work on a large folding table and then also spread things out on the bed or floor. This helps me grab tools and embellishments quickly without having to “stay neat” while I work. If you have a permanent craft room, you can leave your pages out and come back to work on them when you have extra time.


6. Put on some energetic music or an old movie for some “company”.

I like to have a little “company” while I work, so I usually set my laptop up on my work table and listen to music, a podcast or watch a tv show. Be sure to choose a movie or show you’ve seen before so you won’t be tempted to just sit and watch! 🙂


7. Begin with the most recent full week.

I find it easiest and less daunting to begin with the previous week. Since it’s most recent, you’ll have the freshest memories. Complete that week and then start going back in time to earlier weeks. Remember to check each task off your list as you complete it!! Get started on the first step and let each task that you tick off your checklist give you the inspiration to complete the next. Before you know it, you’ll be having fun creating and page by page, becoming up to date!

Let me know how your project is coming along in the comments below!

Karla Mae signing off

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