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My Winter Cocoa & Tea Bar

Hello friends!

I’ve found it fun to enjoy different teas and cocoas each season.  I put together a mix of chai tea and Droste cocoa for winter this year.

Winter Tea & Cocoa Bar at

I love to enjoy a cup of tea or cocoa with breakfast or in the afternoon. And it’s nice to have something cozy to drink while blogging, scrapbooking or working in my planner.

Winter Tea & Cocoa Bar at

I first found Droste brand cocoa while traveling in Amsterdam. (I love to bring home food items from my travels!) Have you ever tried Droste cocoa? It has a wonderful, rich, chocolate taste. And since it has no added sugar, only cocoa, you can add whatever sweetener you prefer. (I like to use agave nectar.)

I found the chai tea by Basilur at Homegoods. They always have a fun selection of teas from all over the world.

What drinks do you enjoy during winter time?

P.S. If you’re looking for more cozy winter activities, download my free Winter Bucket List printable!

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