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    Cute New Cling Stamp Storage Binder + Free Ink Color Swatch Printable!

    Cling Stamp Storage Binder + Free Ink Swatch Printable :: KarlaMae.com

    Hi there friends! Since my first Kelly Purkey stamp haul from Michaels last October, I’ve been having tons of fun using stamps in my planner. I filmed a video of my stamp binder, so have a view or keep reading for all the deets. I had been storing my stamps in a small zipper pouch from Blue Q, but with my recent acquisitions from PlannerCon, they just don’t all fit inside the pouch anymore. As you know, if you checked out my PlannerCon shopping list in my llama travel planner setup video, I was searching for a set of social media stamps as well as a planner-themed set. While my finds were not…

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    San Francisco PlannerCon Planner Stamps Haul

    PlannerCon Planner Stamp Haul __ Karla Mae.com

    Hey  friends! I’m back from the first National PlannerCon and already have my ticket for next year! The conference was two fun and busy days of learning new techniques, meeting new friends and of course, shopping! I’m really enjoying stamping in my planner and want to start experimenting with a traveler’s notebook too, so I thought I’d share my stamp haul with you today. If you watched my travel planner setup video, you know that I actually made a shopping list for PlannerCon – yep, I was actually searching for some very specific items 🙂 You can check out my stamp haul video below or peruse my pix! One item on my shopping…

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    Spring Shamrock Happy Planner Cover DIY

    Spring Shamrock Happy Planner Cover DIY Tutorial by KarlaMae.com

    Hello Friends! We’ve been lucky to have some early spring days here in Minneapolis and the warm weather has put me in the mood to create a new Spring-themed planner cover. If you enjoy making custom covers for your planner, I think your will find this DIY fun and easy! Check out the step-by-step tutorial in my video below: Here’s a list of what you’ll need: Decorative paper of your choice – I used a glittery green for St Patrick’s Day. A scissors or cutting tool A corner-rounder if you prefer to round the corners of your cover. A ballpoint pen to mark where to cut the notches for the rings of your…

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    Clear Protective Cover For Your Happy Planner | Easy DIY!

    How To Make A Clear Protective Cover For Your Happy Planner - Easy DIY

    Hello Friends! I’ve got an easy DIY for you today. If you enjoy making custom covers for your planner, I think your will find this DIY very helpful! It is a great solution if you don’t have a laminating machine, or if you want to experiment with creating dimensional covers that would be difficult to laminate. And best of all, the transparent plastic can be found for just one dollar at the Dollar Tree! Check out the how-to deets in my video below: Here’s a list of what you’ll need: Transparent plastic – I found this 11×14 inch chopping mat at the Dollar Tree. A scissors or cutting tool A corner-rounder if you…

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    Introducing “The Planner Girl” Collection Adult Coloring Pages!

    Hello friends! I am so excited to share with you my latest endeavor that is very close to my heart (and that I’ve had the hardest time keeping under wraps lately) My new Etsy shop! My first creative offering is dedicated to all my fellow Planner Girls, Stationery Addicts and Happy Mail Makers everywhere – adult coloring pages designed with all of the things we love: Sweet paperclips, irresistible washi tapes and pimped out planners in all shapes and sizes! I hope you’ll find these seven hand drawn designs as fun to color as I have! Let’s meet the designs! This is “Hello Planner Pocket,” a delightfully decked out ringed planner pocket.  Imagine how…

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    DIY Planner Dashboard For Spring

    Hello friends! I’m back with another fun and easy planner DIY for spring. Last week I showed you how to make some adorable little raccoon paperclips. This week we’re making a matching dashboard. I filmed a tutorial if you want to make one too! Click on the video below. Here’s what you’ll need: A piece of cardstock, heavy scrapbook paper, file folder or gift bag to use as the base of your dashboard. I cut down a file folder from Target’s Dollar Spot (or yeah, Bullseye’s Playground…or whatever they’re calling it these days) A decoration for your dashboard. I used a cut-out from a cute little gift bag Adhesive Sticky notes/post-its and/or page flags Washi…

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    DIY Planner Paperclips Using Target Dollar Spot Erasers

    Hello friends! I’m back with a fun and super cute DIY to pimp your planner for spring! I found these sweet little erasers at the Target Dollar Spot and had to bring them home with me. Just adorbs! How could I resist? I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do with these little cuties….and then one day, I thought, “I’ll make paperclips!” They were super quick and simple to make using only seven items: A pen Glue gun X-acto knife Paper clips Felt And of course, the erasers I filmed this quick tutorial for you, so you can make them too! Pop them into your planner, so they can peek…